recording drums with one sm57

Required fields are marked *. Sounds great on just about anything. Starting out when building my studio, it was always a thing of just trying to make it as cheap as possible without compromising quality. Transformerless can be cool too, bearing it mind that it alters the sound quite dramatically. You can go here to read the answer about the 57 & 58 being twins from the folks that know, Shure…, Recording Drums with one condensor mic. They did AKG 414’s as overheads, then a 57 on the snare, kick (which surprisingly sounded awesome! Acquired one of these awesome mic’s yesterday, mainly because of you and Joe. Mostly use them for snare and guitar cab but sometimes vocals as well. Amazon Albums: "Stay", "The Time is Magic", "Trouble", “The Wild Animals”. You need to turn gain up until you start to hear hissing to get any volume to speak of. The i5 was about $30 cheaper at the time – it was on sale – though they generally run pretty close in price. My setup kicks serious ass, and I think you would love it so now I just need basic gear for recording. Definitely extends the top and bottom, and doesn’t sound nearly as midrangey and “57-ish”. Discover the 6 Steps for Creating a Radio-Worthy Song From Scratch. Even with a minimal drum mic setup, an SM57 close miked on the snare can pick up the fatness and punch that you want in a snare sound without much fuss (or money spent). I could get one as a replacement part maybe and exchange the grilles as I need them. I once heard from a dependable source that the microphone capsules of the SM57 and of the SM58 would be identical and that the slight difference in sound would just be caused by the round windscreen of the SM58, which contains a pop filter, which the SM57 does not have. . not a twin but a good mic by itself for the price. The most popular use for the SM57 tends to be to record guitar amps/cabinets. 1) Change the impedance: A lot of engineers are adamant about using two mics on a snare drum — one over, one under. The other place you will get great use out of your 57 is on the snare drum., I love the Sm57! Another great way to go is to use ribbon microphones. Seems like every studio should have a $100 condenser and a $100 dynamic to start. call me crazy. When I bought my second mic, though, I went with an Audix i5. It’s almost impossible to not get a great guitar tone with this mic. It’s a super affordable ($99 new), super popular dynmaic mic. Classic On Snare Drums. And lest you think the 57 is only good on snare, if you pick up a few more of these bad boys you can use them as tom mics. This is also something worth checking out. I don’t even believe that gear is the solution to your recording or mixing woes. If this is your first visit, be sure to Doesn’t matter so much on screaming guitar cabs and snares, but you’ll need lots of clean gain if you plan to use it on quieter sources. Thanks! I’m not trying to be rude, I just love these things, where you hear a phrase incorrectly and then your brain tricks you into hearing those incorrect sounds each time you hear it. 3) Remove the transformer altogether, Or buy an SM57 already modded: How would you record a whole drum kit with just one SM57? The trick is to navigate the sea of advertising and find the best bang for your buck. I'm learning and basically atm I just want to record myself practicing and playing along to songs. Hey! I love the sound quality and versatility of this mic, it’s obviously great for micing amps and what I’ve heard from recordings of acoustic guitar it can really capture the rhytmical bass of Robert Johnson delta style playing along with the higher pitched picking (especially if you place it close to guitar). Well, I read comments about how the Sm57 and 58 are the same mic. one of my favorites moments in the studio:). lol, even before i read this i knew a while back that i needed an SM57. Perfect! 2) Swap out the transformer: Hall & Oates-Sara Smile - YouTube Can you record a drum kit entirely with Shure SM57 mics? The 57 (and its electrical twin, SM58) is undoubtedly a much-loved mic. I’m a huge Soundgarden fan and I know for quite some time lead singer Chris Cornell would use SM57s both on stage and in the studio in order to contain his monstrous voice. I used a 57 to record lead vocals on one of the songs on my album. It was a long process to get that sound with a lot of tweaking EQs and levels on the mixer. Last but not least let’s not forget how great it is for harmonica playing, both cupped and on a stand. This song was recorded with only sm 57's on the drums. How close do they sound? started as a joke, but my studio has raised wooden ceilings with concrete floors and with the mic hanging from the ceiling fan pointed off to the side of the kit, i got a sound out of the kit that was unbelievable. Simply enter your email below and we'll send it right away: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window). DO NOT Create a Song Without This Guide... DO NOT Create Another Song Until You Read This Guide.. after put-zing away with different mics, she very politely said “hey guys, i usually sing into a sm57.” i looked at my second engineer, shrugged my shoulders, changed mics and…..there it was. I have found myself in the country side with a U89i Mbox and Ludwig drum kit and suddenly need to record some drums for a project. Idk, maybe my fascination with linguistics makes it more interesting but I collect these mistakes and I’d never encountered this one before. Yep. Plus, if you like soldering, the SM57 is a great mic to “mod” It also has that dynamic presence that sounds so sweet to my ears. All the rest is the same. The problem with just unscrewing the ball from a 58 is that the capsule is not protected like a 57 is, so you take a chance of damaging the mic if you are not really careful. I was surprised to say the least. Would be interesting to know, if the grille of the SM57 fits onto an SM58. i recorded an entire drumset with one sm58 Sign in to disable this ad i know your laughing at me right now. Sure you lose some of the shine and clarity of a condensor, but you gain a solid natural recording that will be distortion free. I personally like them ok on guitar cabs if the sound is too aggressive with a regular 57, but haven’t found them as cool on snare drums. , Your email address will not be published. Mar 19, 2012 | Product Review, Tips | 35 comments. Oh and I mustn’t forget this magic solid wood top, bottom and sides 65 year old parlor guitar I found for 100$!!! If it’s two bright, slide it over away from the center of the cone or angle it 45 degrees to the grill. Would it make any sense to get an SM57, if I have an SM58 already, from which I can remove the windscreen easily (to make it sound very similar to an SM57)? I'd like to start recording with just one. The SM57 adds just the right amount of low-end weight, while also adding presence and 'crack' to the drum. How should I record drum kit with my setup? As far as mods, the impedance “gizmo” that GoDawg linked to is rad.

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