rim water lebanon

Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water Sal. Update my company information. The global independent public health and environmental organization. Three core values that shaped the growth of Rim Water since its foundation, and continue to be our guiding inspiration for the future. Our entity specialized in new product development and untapped strategic opportunities. On-the-go & Fitness . Integrity, towards the protection and preservation of our source and the quality of our products and services.2. Rim Water is naturally filtered as it reaches our spring, a miraculous wonder that’s over 100 million years old, providing you with the internationally certified quality standards we're proud of. on the eastern slopes of Mount Sannine in Lebanon. Accessibility, because we believe clean and natural drinking water must be within reach to everybody.4. Rich in Magnesium. Low in Sodium. 1. Our entity specialized in new product development and untapped strategic opportunities. The integrity and safety of our Rim Water.2. Mount-Lebanon / Metn / Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water Sal. Full range, ready for any moment . Rim Water is directly captured from the spring and bottled at source, untouched, untreated, … The international reference promoting the finest waters of the world, accessed by qualified invitation only. For three generations, Bev Holding has pioneered in best practices and innovative products that earned the trust of our consumer and the most prestigious global quality certifications. Last update: Jun 11. Share. Add to favourites. Recently launched the first Lebanese sparkling mineral water, Rim Sparkling. 0.33L - 0.5L - 0.5L SC - 0.25L - 0.125L Home & Office . Made by nature, bottled by Rim. Read more . The Bev Holding entities operate state-of-the-art bottling standards that guarantee: 1. The quality and efficiency of our operational systems.3. The sole standardization body of the United Arab Emirates. Recently launched the first Lebanese sparkling mineral water, Rim Sparkling. Innovation, to provide new and convenient delightful hydration experiences to our customers. The protection and preservation of our source and the environment surrounding it (a privately-owned area of 12 million square meters, located over 1,500 meters above sea level).4. A leading brand of 100% natural spring mineral water, bottled live at source, with low mineral content and unique health benefits. Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water Sal Branches: Factory Zahleh (Zahleh) POS Ghazieh (Saida) POS Dahr El-Ain (Koura) POS Antélias (Metn) Tel.+961-4-528004 +961-1588 Hotline ... Antélias (metn) - Lebanon Contact - Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water Sal. The world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. The safety and skills of our people. Value focused entity, established to meet the needs of the cost sensitive markets without compromising on product qualities. Rim Water, Nihako bldg, 1st floor, Antelias Highway, El Metn. Products within the Bev Holding portfolio are currently enjoyed in over 27 countries, and expanding. 35K likes. Progress, to constantly drive our standards forward, through our people and technical expertise.3. The worldwide bottled water industry’s uncompromising commitment to safety and availability. Bev Holding is a group of companies specialized in the sourcing, bottling, distribution and marketing of one of the finest natural spring mineral waters in the Middle East and Mediterranean geographies. Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water flows forth from a 100 million year old spring known as “Ain-As-Sayfiyeh” at an altitude of 1450 m.a.s.l. Our operational norms and products have earned prestigious quality certifications and memberships through the years from: Copyright Bev Holding 2020 | All Rights Reserved. Pioneered with the introduction of the first 10L gallon of internationally certified natural spring mineral water. Rim Refreshments s.a.l. Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology.

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