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Today, the neighborhood — which was just about the closest to Sacramento’s core of any of the areas where West End redevelopment exiles landed — is the locus of gentrification as tech firms bring in new-money professionals who disdain the suburban lifestyle. “They really want you to believe, hey, they can’t do anything wrong! The Sacramento Police Department has had a few of these incidents in recent memory. With the new financing systems circumventing populist opposition to West End redevelopment and federal money gushing into the roads project, the area’s doom was sealed. “Meadowview was first a suburban white space, but then it was one of the very few places where minorities could buy decent housing starting in the 1960s.” People of color were pushed south away from the core census tracts where development was still bound by the race covenants from J.C. Carly’s era. This neighborhood is an excellent example of 1900 through 1920s architecture that exemplifies  the arts and crafts movement. Any donations can not be deducted from your income taxes, but all donations will go towards preserving Sacramento's historic places. Their legacies extend a dozen miles either way from downtown, scraping out that sociologist’s X that Hernandez sees reflected in everything from school graduation rates to subprime lending. Other people’s money. Nobody wants to understand or admit how this has taken shape.”. The short strip of a 1400-mile superhighway connecting Mexico to Canada where they walked crushed its westernmost edge. The Broadway corridor continues to develop, increasing the need for small neighborhood preservation. Sacramento Register of Historic and Cultural Resources. 3M said the final persuader was the charm of the tree-lined streets and the established neighborhoods of East Sacramento, which reminded them of their own Midwestern neighborhoods. In that isolated pocket, where no one could get a loan to fix up a house or buy a new one, they dropped by 30 percent. “It came from a longstanding desire from the city to reclaim those areas for the white business class.”. Commercial activity on Broadway is threatening demolition of this neighborhood. Every time the Kings play, crowds flock unwittingly to the epicenter of the racist housing policy and public works experiments that shaped the city where Stephon Clark was born and, on Thursday, buried. Again, as former deputy state treasurer Mark Paul explained in a 2012 article, that word “blight” was crucial. “A city redevelopment agency could declare a particular area to be blighted–and then cap the property taxes that flowed from that area to other local governments like schools and counties. Developed in the 1910s and into the 1920s East Sacramento, and 38th Street in particular, contains some of Sacramento's best examples of period-revival and craftsman architecture. Neighbors reached out to Preservation Sacramento to provide technical assistance but the community led the survey effort from start to finish. Additionally, the 2008 and 2009 survey identified several residential historic districts surrounding the business district. The Sacramento, CA neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score. It’s a fairly short walk from City Hall to I-5 to the arena, if you consult a simple street map. The protesters returned to the same chosen ground repeatedly in the week since that first freeway takeover and arena shutdown. The survey identified a historic district with a high degree of historic integrity (over 90% of the buildings were identified as contributing historic properties). It seems as if there’s a neighborhood for everyone in Sacramento. At the closest zoom possible from census data, the neighborhood where Stephon Clark died was roughly 47 percent white in 1980. Despite using city funding for the survey, the residential historic districts were never listed on the Sacramento Register. In both cases the dead man had a knife, a stark difference to Clark’s death. National Trust for Historic Preservation  - California Preservation Foundation - California Office of Historic Preservation  - Western Chapter Association for Preservation Technology  - City of Sacramento - Sacramento Modern - Sacramento Heritage - East Sac Preservation - Preservation Directory, Preservation Sacramento - P.O. Damn near all,” said Berry Accius, a community activist who’s helped lead the protests that followed Clark’s killing. Preservation Sacramento hopes the City of Sacramento will commission a comprehensive survey of the neighborhood to help facilitate future development and land use priorities. And this is why the Clarks end up in Meadowview,” Hernandez said. Alan Pyke Twitter Mar 30, 2018, 11:59 am Where the schools are, where the poverty is, who doesn’t have health insurance, who’s out of work. Preservation Sacramento hopes the City of Sacramento will commission a comprehensive survey of the neighborhood to help facilitate future development and land use priorities. The focus of both organizations had become more clearly aligned and the result is one larger and more effective voice for East Sac’s interests. “They really want you to believe, hey, they can’t do anything wrong! None of those stories are as simple or as baffling as Clark’s death, with 20 shots fired in a matter of seconds based on a cell phone somehow mistaken for a pistol. The agency could keep for itself any property tax growth above that cap,” Paul wrote. By 2010, that share had dropped in half. When Roosevelt’s new federal housing finance system came online a decade after Carly started building out from downtown, the new system replicated the same kind of racial barriers nationwide. East Sacramento (also known as East Sac) is a neighborhood in Sacramento, California, United States, that is east of downtown and midtown.East Sacramento is bounded by U.S. Route 50 to the south, Business Loop 80 to the west and north, Elvas Avenue to the northeast and east, and California State University, Sacramento and the American River to the southeast. “Go to random people in Sacramento and mention the words Oak Park or Del Paso Heights or Meadowview, and there will be instantaneous perceptions, particularly if they’re older. Considerable time has passed, since the original survey and now this surveys area need to be updated to ensure the original findings are still accurate. The same strip of busy highway where protesters put their bodies in the way of traffic last Friday was a key tool in the redevelopment scheme. Shouting for change as they walked, they traced the outline of Sacramento’s laboratory of segregation: the old West End. Alan Pyke Twitter Mar 30, 2018, 11:59 am. To learn more about the different neighborhoods and organized associations representing these communities, visit the neighborhood directory. of fatal police violence against black people, as academics have long understood. use-of-force incidents on record had involved a black civilian. Enjoy a boat ride on the Sacramento River and take in sights like the Tower Bridge and I Street Bridge in Old Sacramento. This neighborhood is a reflection of a growing city, containing buildings from many time periods. “This is an intergenerational process of how we separate race and space.”. Sacramento picked up the weapon, and the fight was on.”. Their victory spawned communities like Meadowview, where Stephon Clark was shot down for the sin of holding a cell phone in his grandma’s backyard. Three out of four cops are white in a city where two thirds of the people aren’t. What if the West End could be torn down and replaced, but with retail space and office blocks instead of new housing? Yale Avenue Historic District, a discontinuous street between Broadway and X streets, is a collection of 1920s residences surveyed in the early 2000s. That shift — from 90 percent white before the urban renewal schemes vivisected Sacramento’s ethnic downtown melting pot, to less than one quarter white in 2010 — is evidence of how a century of racist development policymaking yielded the environment that drives Sacramento policing to be at its twitchiest and most fearful in places like Meadowview where crime is relatively high and opportunity is relatively low.

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