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MATCHES KXIP vs KKR - Live CSK vs RCB - Preview RR vs DC - DC Won QL vs TAS - Stumps SAUS vs WA - Stumps. She smiles slightly and just says that she would like that sometime. A distraught Courtney waited for Sam all night with a special gift for him. However, his daughter successfully saw him as what he is when he asked for the locket back as he told empty promises. When Sam didn't show, Barbara looked for him for a year for Courtney's sake before finally giving up. Sam Curtis in the US . In the early 2000s, Sam had a relationship with Barbara Whitmore that resulted in the birth of their daughter, Courtney. He was most famous for his role as a Union Army general in the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the American Civil War, especially for his victories at the Battles of Pea Ridge in 1862 and Westport in 1864. Sam Kurtis' childhood is riddled in mystery, but Sam grew up close to his mother. Romances Courtney and Sam walk through the quiet streets of Blue Valley, with Sam commenting on the differences between Los Angeles and Blue Valley. Sam takes the lockets and smiles, thanking her for being so understanding. Hair He asks if she likes it but she doesn't respond, instead, countering with her own questions. Criminal Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. She gifted him a matching set of silver lockets that she had received from a high-end jewelry designer. As he makes his offer of promises she becomes crestfallen, and in a defeatist move, she hands him the locket. You want to know the truth about your father? Via DCSam kan je je werktijden zien, je loonstrookje en informatie opzoeken over werken bij het DC. [1], Now aware of her daughter's superheroine antics, and aware that Courtney believes Starman is her father, Barbara emails Sam in an attempt to reach him and gain answers she can trust. When she was four, he gifted her one of the lockets his mother had given him. Courtney runs off trying to sort through the emotions of her father reappearing. He returned to Ohio, and became a civil engineer until the outbreak of the Mexican-American War. He explains if he gets the second locket, he can put down a deposit to get a better place for when comes to visit. Biographical Information Courtney believes he shares a resemblance to Sylvester Pemberton. First Appearance DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Gallery As Sam waits for Courtney, he converses with Barbara who pets a growling Max. No description Font-size. Sam Curtis appears in 1 issues View all Commando: For Action and Adventure. 7 Appearances of Samuel Kurtis (New Earth), 1 Images featuring Samuel Kurtis (New Earth), Quotations by or about Samuel Kurtis (New Earth), Character Gallery: Samuel Kurtis (New Earth),, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Sam has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Your dad, the superhero, he only came to see you once a year. Two of Clubs Sam is the biological yet absentee father of Courtney Whitmore. Samuel Kurtis Courtney, however, goes inside where she breaks down in Pat's arms over the disappointment she feels from her father and the loss of her beloved locket. Inloggen op DC Sam: Als je bij het DC (distributiecentrum) werkt, is er een andere site waar je op moet inloggen voor Sam, namelijk DC Sam. Terry Curtis was originally an obscure one-shot Superman character who appeared in Action Comics #21 (1940) where he was a scientist who was kidnapped by Ultra-Humanite and forced to build an "atomic disintegrator".. Roy Thomas reinvented the character as Cyclotron, a reluctant supervillain, in All-Star Squadron #21 (1983) from DC Comics. Sam retorts he wasn't planning on returning anyway. Origin Pat runs up behind him, shouting for sam to wait. Citizenship Sam brings up their lockets which makes Courtney excited as she loves her's so deeply. New Earth Sam turns and tucks the locket into his jeans. Sam stands, claiming that they'll only take a short walk and then he'll take her to school. Sam didn't think much of them in his younger days but valued them out of sentiment. Sam is related to Courtney Rose Curtis and Amelia T Curtis as well as 3 additional people. FREE Background Report. Sam Kurtis is a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl. This template will categorize articles that include it into the category "Royal Flush Gang members.". He notes that his mother had the lockets made by a designer, telling Courtney to think Hollywood stars wore her designs. He's a selfish man filled with greed who chases after whatever money comes his way, with no sympathy for other's feelings, be it his own daughter, and shamelessly told his ex-partner's new husband she looked better when she was with him.

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