sennheiser 416 mic clip

It's so well known and well-liked that it goes by other nicknames too, like "The L.A. Mic" and "The Movie Mic." That just goes to show you how much of audio is in the ear of the beholder (do you "behold" with ears?). This means the noise of the mic running and the noise it produces almost doesn’t exist which, again makes it perfect for voice over or spoken word recordings. Here's the link: Yes - thank you Joe! But yeah, until just over a year ago, I did everything in a small room with no room treatment - including the MKH 416 demos. Looking forward to seeing what it can do! I still don't have mine yet. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the interesting review - these are pretty popular with a lot of voiceover people I know. Full of scratches and all. But not as much as the MKH 416. The next time you hear "In a world where......" etc, chances are that was recorded with a 416. We've heard of the cardioid pickup pattern. Student life, im broke and the mics expensive. i would love to play around with them in cooledit. Thanks for the comment, Ian. 19% MwSt. You can read the technical details of this in this article, but RF (radio frequency, btw) biasing has some benefits, such as that the mic becomes less sensitive to moisture ( a good thing in an expensive mic commonly used outdoors), has a wider frequency response, and is extremely low noise levels. The Rode is not similarly compromised if that is a compromise. I do not currently use a tube pre-amp in the studio. It does cost $999, and as soon as the piggy bank gets heavy enough, to quote Mike Meyers, "it will be mine - oh yes - it will be mine." Glad the review was helpful. Not that it wouldn’t do it or do it well; I’m sure it would! That almost sounds like you may have gotten a defective mic. I mean, some people say it doesn't sound great when used indoors, specially small rooms. Wow you were lucky to find that deal. Excellent review, Ken. I own both mics also and love the 416. I recorded the MKH 416 (the voice-over tests) through an M-Audio (now Avid) Fast Track. I would love to try out other Sennheiser mics going forward. I'm just a novice, so pardon the question, but do you think that if you had recorded through a nice mixer like a SD302, that you could have reduced the background noise? Thanks for that comment! Well you've probably heard audio through it before if you've ever watched a movie - or television. Any suggestions? The device you are connecting to must provide the 48V Phantom Power. Camcorder's aren't the best audio interfaces:). The only thing I probably wouldn’t use it for is music/singing. So I bypassed the EQ on the preamp and that took care of the sibilance issue with the 416. $599? Sure, I've never tested a $999 mic against my $399 Rode, but to date I have never recorded another mic that sounded better than my beloved Rode. As long as I am quoting my favorite movies, here's one from Ferris Beuller applied to the 416. Otherwise it would be my primary mic for all my voice-over and video work. -Ken. The MKH 416 is a condenser microphone that requires 48V Phantom Power to operate. I now know why people call it the desert island mic. I envy you your ownership of the 416. Increased directivity due to interference tube principle. The Sennheiser MKH 416 is a short shotgun mic. Should qualify the above. The audio would have been truly awesome if we had a 3rd person holding the mic on the end of a boom pole (sometimes called a fish pole) mic holder with the mic just above my head and out-of-frame, pointing down at my mouth. Easy attachment on clothing. I'm envious. Above 2kHz approaches lobar pattern.".

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