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Of course, none of this in any way diminishes my lapse in judgement in accepting Epstein’s donations to MIT in the first place. So please don’t think that we are trying to hide it. We will continue to keep your best interests in mind and ensure you can learn in an environment where you feel supported. Medien in der Kategorie „Seth Lloyd“ Folgende 3 Dateien sind in dieser Kategorie, von 3 insgesamt. LLOYD Luxus-Herrenschuhe der Premium - 1888 Kollektion: feinste Handwerkskunst, edle Materialien, handgearbeitetes Finish. As a community, we must speak out in solidarity with survivors everywhere now, or we will be responsible for perpetuating the violence and oppression that so many face here at MIT and around the world. Title. [Inaudible]. The accusation that I accepted money from Epstein is true and I stand by my previous apology for this lapse of judgement, which will continue to weigh on my conscience for the rest of my life. Prior to accepting any donation for MIT, I actively sought out the proper procedures from my departmental administrator, and I followed them. By drawing out and obfuscating this “fact-finding” process as long as possible, they are hoping that the outrage on campus and in the media will subside so that they can continue to preserve the status quo. We’ve received some, uh, feedback from the students, we’re processing that information, but at this point, um, we believe that right now, um, we’re trying to get a picture of the students that are currently in the class, and let that inform our decisions. [T]he times when I visited his house and his island were at a conference. Taking all feedback we’ve received into careful consideration, we believe that at this stage it is best for Professor Lloyd to continue as course instructor. I didn’t hide the fact that Epstein was donating money to MIT. It’s hard for us to improve a system when we don’t know where it’s broken. Seth Lloyd As seen in: Medium. Seth Lloyd, the tenured professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, should not be teaching. While meeting with an administrator, one student still in Lloyd’s class received unprompted and resolute insistence that Lloyd would keep teaching, including an argument that any immediate discipline would lead to a ‘slippery slope’ under which many other professors could face similar consequences. Previously you mentioned that there wasn’t enough data on faculty harassment cases, and if you look at the last four years of the Title IX report, there were 24 formal reports sent to human resources, which means faculty and/or staff, and 23 reports to the committee on discipline, which means that they’re students. In what has become one of the largest sexual assault scandals in the U.S., MIT has taken anything but responsible action. Cited by . Uh, beyond that, we’re waiting for the results of the fact-finding to determine what’s the best course of action. I’ve been accused of accepting money from Jeffrey Epstein and hiding his identity from MIT. Seth Lloyd, cited in: Michael Schmiechen (2009) Newton's Principia Revisited. In 2017 I met with president Reif to explain the need for data about the punishment of faculty, that faculty face for harassing students. When we questioned Lloyd about these matters he continually deflected by trying to shift the conversation to the abstract question of rehabilitating people with criminal pasts. Sort. What I told MIT about Epstein’s donations. The following is a summary of Seth Lloyd’s Seminar “Quantum Computer Reality”, presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s Seminars About Long-term Thinking. This is all documented in emails that I have provided to Goodwin Procter. HR has all the data, they just need the okay to anonymize and release it. On June 1, 2017, the MIT Office of the Recording Secretary wrote to Epstein’s agent offering to assist with Epstein’s gift, and noting that past gifts from Epstein had been ‘recorded anonymously,’ an apparent reference to MIT’s arrangement for accepting Epstein’s gifts at the time (of which I was unaware.) In doing so he attempted to frame his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein as a noble endeavor to help a friend who had made a mistake. One of the original six courses offered when MIT was founded in 1865, MechE's faculty and students conduct research that pushes boundaries and provides creative solutions for the world's problems. The administration is working to do damage control for its long-standing relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, in an attempt to preserve its own power, reputation, and influence. Verified email at - Homepage. Seth Lloyd. Barnhart: To answer that question, I’m going to ask our provost, Marty Schmidt, to come up and address this. Cited by. MG: So, can’t we have the same aggregate information about faculty that I asked fo two years ago? One must ask: to what end? Schmidt: I think that should be informed by how the students currently in the class are feeling. I think the survey really hit hard the point that we have been hearing from the students, in my case, that, um, they don’t know what happens when they register a complaint, and that is one of the reasons that president Reif thought about how to respond to the national academy’s report, that one of the groups that linked together was the [something something]. I’ve included my cell phone number below as well in case of any last-minute questions. Because you said privacy was a concern and we’re already releasing data about students. We release the same about faculty, which we have more data about over the past three years than students, it shouldn’t be a concern. Las partículas más diminutas se rigen por la mecánica cuántica, todo un conjunto de leyes que escapan a la lógica a la que estamos acostumbrados. The authors of the report imply that in my written apology, and in my expressions of regret I have ‘conceded’ to breaching ‘professional duties’ owed to MIT. Again, I furnished all of these emails to Goodwin Procter. . To reiterate: please come to 4–231 tomorrow for class at 1p. The Quantum Computation course has been taught by other professors in the past, and could have been taught by any of them this fall. Professor Seth Lloyd, who visited a child sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, in prison, and subsequently received funding from him for his research, is still teaching classes and advising freshmen here this semester. It also would require holding other professors accountable for their associations with child sex traffickers (a high bar, apparently). It’s actually not that we’ve ignored it, it’s that we have to balance what was discussed earlier today, the privacy concerns, with transparency. To the best of my knowledge, I complied with MIT policies regarding this grant. The process of setting up the corporation took a long time and in the end Epstein gave me the money as a gift, on which I paid gift tax. And you and others have brought this to our attention, and it is something we’re working on. Once the semester started, Lloyd used his classroom as a soapbox to monologue about his relation with Epstein. I ask only that I be judged for what I actually did, no less and no more. We will not wait as the MIT administration continues to protect their own reputations and careers while trampling the most vulnerable members of our population. And you’re absolutely right, um, transparency is very important, and um, we pride ourselves on being a data-driven institution. The following is a summary of Seth Lloyd’s Seminar “Quantum Computer Reality”, presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s Seminars About Long-term Thinking. Additionally, we have thought deeply about the views of members of the wider MIT community who are not currently enrolled in this class and value their views. He suggested that I set up a 501c3 corporation as a vehicle for the grant. This is further evidence that Seth Lloyd has not reckoned with the impact of his actions or those of others who enabled Epstein to get away with his monstrous crimes. So the information we release about students in an aggregate way, to ensure anonymity–. We would like to provide you with an update on the email we sent you last week. Year; Quantum-enhanced measurements: beating the standard quantum limit. The signal mode is propagated toward a region of space, and it is either lost or reflected, depending on whether a target is absent or present, respectively. . This August it was revealed that Lloyd took funding from child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and that he visited Epstein during his ‘prison stay’ in the Palm Beach County Jail. Students are forced to go from meeting to meeting presenting their resurfaced trauma in the hopes that these efforts will result in a never-to-come change. Seth Lloyd (born August 2, 1960) is a professor of mechanical engineering and physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In one out of multiple such cases in the last year, Richard Stallman was pressured to resign from CSAIL when a series of people came forward to describe having been harassed in some manner by him over the last several decades. I stand by my previous apology for these mistakes of mine and take full responsibility for them. Student 1: Followup question, which is, are we already violating the privacy and anonymity of students in the data that we’re releasing? Student 1: Hi, I’m [redacted], I’m a grad student in chemical engineering. The impact of allowing Lloyd to continue teaching extends to people far beyond the classroom, but it seems that as far as MIT is concerned these people are irrelevant to Institute decision-making.

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