snare bottom mic

Using an SM57 on top and another on bottom works well, or you can mix a D220 on top and keep an SM57 on the bottom. You can use any type of microphone to capture the sound of the snare, but a good bet is to use a small condenser to capture the high frequency rattles of the snare rattles. Pointing the mic directly at the center of the snare will pick up more bass and deep thump, but you lost out on the natural sound of the snare. If you want the microphone to be out of sight, the 4099 Instrument Microphone has the same quality as the 2011C, but gives you a supercardioid pickup pattern which will … The common practice is to flip the two microphones out of phase due to their arrangement, but that’s really up to the engineer’s ear. Therefore, it is crucial to get the mic in the right place. Again, Close enough to minimize bleed but not in danger of hitting the snares. The bottom snare drum mic will capture a lot of the wire sound of the snares and give you independant mix control of that sonic element. I treat the bottom mic a bit differently in the mix, using extreme compressor and eq settings. Shure SM81 condenser microphone on the snare bottom. “I [have] a steep roll-off on the bottom here because I don’t want to pick up much of the low-end information. The Bottom Snare Mic can be placed directly closely under the Snare Drum without touching the snares underneath. With the mic placed above the snare and close to the center of the head, it produces a sound that is low, dark, and less snare … However, if you next add a snare-bottom mic as well, that one is going to get a compression wave when the snare is hit because the bottom skin will move outward towards the mic. For example, placing the mic away from the snare drum will reduce the low-end and allow for a more natural snare sound. Listen to your signal, then flip them out of phase and decipher which one sounds better. The 2011C Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone is a perfect choice to close mic a snare drum. As a result, it is definitely going to be in capturing a sound wavefront with the opposite polarity to both the snare … Bottom snare Typically this mic is always paired with a top snare microphone. Snare Drum Mic Recommendations. To capture the snares on the bottom of the snare drum, Jae selects the Shure SM 81 small diaphragm condenser. You can choose to either have only one microphone at the top or have two mics, one for the top and one for the bottom. Adding a bottom mic can add extra brightness and snap to the Snare Drum without needing EQ to the mix.

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