soybean oil business plan

This usually requires a lot of machines and equipment. Strum Soybean Oil Production Company is a partnership business that is owned and managed by Michael Burton and Shawn Phelps. All these factors are used to determine what rate the soybean oil would be sold for. Our business structure was carefully thought out as we know the importance of assigning the right roles to the right position. Our marketing expert has a huge understanding of the Soybean Oil industry and knows what it will take to propel us to the forefront in North Carolina and throughout the United States of America. The opportunities that abound in this industry from the sale of soybean oil and its by-products to various clients and also the various services are limitless. Our employees have the best welfare and incentive packages that is the envy of others in the industry. Having the right business structure is very important in building a soybean oil production company that will be of standard; this would mean ensuring that all the important factors are in place to achieve the vision of the company. One of such sustainability strategies is the availability of the required finance necessary to run the business, so that the business doesn’t close shop. See out reliable soybean farmers and introduce our soybean oil production company, in hopes to get a discount when purchasing soybeans as well as ensure they spread the word about us. The location offers easy access to customers to and from the facility. This we intend to do so as to encourage increased patronage and increase awareness for our company as well. There are certain platforms we intend to use in intensifying our publicity and advertising strategies for Strum Soybean Oil Production Company and they are: Setting a price for soybean oil is dependent on so many factors such as what quality of soybeans were gotten, at what price, how much was used in transporting the soybeans to the factory for extraction, the number of competent hands available to handle the extraction, and general overhead costs. Our hired business consultant has gathered information and data from various market and sales researches that has allowed us come up with accurate predictions that has favored our soybean oil production company. Also, the environment us very important. Most soybean oil extraction companies are no longer limiting themselves to selling just soybean oil for domestic and industrial consumers but are also selling to livestock farmers and animal feed sellers. Soybean oil is available all year round and this is due to the fact that there is an abundant and steady supply of soybeans because the crop is not only easy to grow for farmers but it is economical as well, making the oil available and cheap. Strum Soybean Oil Production Company is owned and run by two Veterans, Michael Burton and Shawn Phelps. Due to this fact, in addition to needing experience to run and succeed in this business; hiring a business consultant who has knowledge of this industry is also important, as the consultant will not only help you draw out strategies and help kick start your business, but will also offer suggestions and tips that will improve your business in the long run. It is also used by food manufacturers in mayonnaise, meat products, commercially baked goods as well as salad dressings. If YES, here is a complete sample soybean oil production business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE. Strum soybean oil production company is owned by two veterans, Michael Burton and Shawn Phelps who jointly runs the company. The extraction process involves cutting the soybeans into flakes, putting them in a percolating extractor before immersing in a solvent. We have hired the best hands to help us run this business and they not only have the vast experience that is needed to kick start our company and carry it forward but they also have keyed into our vision and are determined to project the company’s corporate culture internally and also externally to clients.

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