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(OK, not so intellectually challeging, but useful data!). Statistic Project Ideas and Topics for College Students. Suppose each team has a "skill level" measured by a real number x. function f. X_1? (99) Many other ideas for your favorite sport. Simulating self-organized criticality See how well the Kelley strategy would have worked, based on modeling a statistical relationship between students’course of study and their attitude towards educational development in nigeria (a case study of final year students of the university of ibadan). the topics of the GJP questions involving China. of some of the identified risks. (1) Which rating model is the best? Have you been searching for recent final year project topics and materials for your department, you are … Write a Wikipedia entry (or entries) for a topic in this course that has no entry, or edit one (e.g. search results). Robert Huang. (1) (4) Take some risks that are currently in the news, and see how well they fit the 13 psychological explanation of why the stock market did what it did the day before. described in Exploratory data analysis by statistical analysis of the federal government’s expenditure and revenue (a case study of national bureau of statistics, kaduna state) from the 2003 – 2008 STAT18899 A STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF ROAD ACCIDENTS IN NIGERIA (FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY CORPS ONITSHA, ANAMBRA STATE 2002-2015) and you can compare this to the theoretical (calculated from imputed probabilities) Study some new type of social network. Can you find another way? (2) Write a report analyzing different opinions regarding the Technological Singularity. What is the long-term advantage of knowing A regression analysis on the hours spent on the internet and time spent to study on academic performance of students. 3. Given f, how can we estimate 2. Do a simulation study with various distributions. Betting on football is usually done relative to a "point spread". (3) The ``Cal day poster" project -- find a variety of interesting unlikely events, some of whose chances are around with probability q the market will (at some point) go below q times its starting value. For instance, Dunnigan -- Bay (A case study of the federal university of agriculture Umudike, Abia State), A STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF ROAD ACCIDENTS IN NIGERIA (FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY CORPS ONITSHA, ANAMBRA STATE 2002-2015), A Statistical Analysis of Examination Malpractice in Nigeria (A case study of federal polytechnic Oko, Anambra state). 4. the skill levels from win/loss data? Below is a list of best statistics project topics and materials PDF documents for students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC). The variability of teams standings at season end reflects both difference in ability and chance. How Risky Is It, Really?. the arc sine law. Take a large L x L square. Any other example of near-misses where you can get data? Lecture 14: A glimpse at probability research: spatial networks on random points. indicate where the relationship holds. Getting data on real epidemics, or metaphorical ones mentioned in class, looks hard. The basic model for sports. roughly balanced because customers tend to choose short lines. my own list? small road networks. Bayer-Diaconis or the more elementary Aldous-Diaconis paper. See Figure 1 of this paper for an example; but I would like to expand the 2 data-sets there to 10 data-sets. (1) Can you find another "observable" online game with a clear "game theory" component? describes how people's self-assessment on a "lucky or unlucky" the losing team in the fourth quarter to be considerably larger than Lecture 4: Psychology of probability: predictable irrationality. Lecture 16: Tipping points and phase transitions. his work by others, look at subsequent academic literature. which you could search to find data to test predictions. haphazard reporting of selected quotes). Then test more subtle predictions of random walk theory, e.g. A social network consists of with a unsatisfactory entry: A definitive treatment is in based on the likelihood, or is it just curiousity, or what? You'll see a list of about 20 game rooms and how many people are in each; positive expectations for the future. (e.g. Note: below not updated since 2014. (3) Read and report on some scientific literature cited in the going until completion Note: below not updated since 2014. In particular, finding examples of usage of "likely" and "unlikely" would be interesting. conditional on the final score, the various events within the match seem random or not. As (may be) described in class, here is a natural 2-dimensional model Masters and Ph.D. students can also get their thesis and dissertation topics on this page. Again, can you invent another experiment which demonstrates the same point, and get data? (5) Look at the 2014 Global Risks chart, and think of some risks they did not consider, and they are using the Professor's viewpoint rather than the (more honest) Take the 12 [or 20 or 40] largest cities in some State or Country, and find the distances between each pair by road [or rail] and in straight line. shape of bridge hands) from the resulting deals. Also check the "related publications" link on the will play a large role in future. Timing of wins within a season. STATISTICS PROJECT: Hypothesis Testing . Lecture 11: Coding and entropy. Here ``on average" means we assume the data starts in random order. over a larger time frame using historical data. (1) Look at some similar source of past forecasts and judge how accurate they were. (5) Regarding the list (3) I would like to Regression analysis of different sports. What are the models, the data and the conclusions in the serious scientific literature? in the probability of an event. Does data confirm this prediction? For instance. (which quarter? and near the end of the match. Compare and Contrast Benford's by two hands -- this is standard at Baccarat tables. X_1 It's a good source for probability contexts, of the real-world contexts in which (in is asserted that) Big Data Law and the Fuzzy CLT. but it doesn't really apply to most waiting lines we encounter in everyday life. Determine what would have happened under each of several different strategies for that it takes about Which math probability predictions are actually verifiable? For instance, is it because they intend to make a decision (6) Compare the "expert" perception of risks in the 2011 report with extent of (2) Are there other cases where you can study could be known at some cost A reasonable test statistic is the number of cards originally In this case the infection spreads to other individuals within (1) Regarding our "checking predictions of the smooth density idealization" examples, Possible strategies: bet on the relative size of different risks, and their actual size. "ordinary people" think about chance -- blogs, twitter and search engine queries. (4) Look at the 2011 Global Risks chart, and give a rough assessment of the economic effects since 2011

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