surface laptop 3 battery life

? Battery Life of the Surface Book 3. And capacity is reported as 42010 out of 45800 mWh. Hello everybody, I am interested in the new Surface Laptop 3 13 inch i5 256gb, but i am concerned about the battery life. With 82.7Wh of battery (59.9Wh in base, 22.8Wh in display), the Surface Book 3 is straight average in terms of battery capacity for mobile workstations. Searching for the Microsoft battery warranty – does anyone happen to know it? Surface Laptop 3 i5 256GB . Is this acceptable? ... After applying Liquid Metal to my Surface Laptop 3, my battery life improved by about 1 - 2 hours it seems in real world usage. Disappointingly, the Laptop 3's battery life was shorter than the Surface 2's and is slightly shorter than the Dell XPS 13's. I'm wondering if it's because the fans don't come on hardly ever now and the processor is just running more efficiently. Drop of 8.3% in 10 months. Its real-world battery life, however, is a bit below average. With a snappy, satisfying keyboard and solid battery life, Microsoft's 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 3 is an excellent ultraportable that gets the basics right. I read that the battery life of the Surface Laptop 3 isn‘t that good but most of the reviews are about the 15 inch modell with the AMD processor. The Surface Laptop 3's battery should last up to 11.5 hours of typical device usage but if there's a lot of applications running while using it on battery power, this is perhaps the reason why it drains faster than expected. My Nov 19 battery in Surface Laptop 3 has done 108 charge cycles – how deep does the discharge need to be to count as one Cycle? The Bottom Line.

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