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): The Proceedings of XXV ISPIM Conference – Innovation for Sustainable Economy and Society, 8-11 June 2014, Dublin, Ireland. 9-19. (Eds. Capturing the relationship between sustainability performance, business competitiveness and economic performance, in: Schaltegger, S. & Wagner, M. Sheffield: Greenleaf Publishing, 1–27. She is also the Director of Ivey’s Centre on Building Sustainable Value and the Executive Director (and Founder) of the Network for Business Sustainability. Chesbrough, H. & Rosenbloom, R. (2002): The role of the business model in capturing value from innovation: evidence from Xerox Corporation’s technology spin-off companies, Industrial & Corporate Change, Vol. 2/3, 216–226. The link between the organization and the external business and natural environment is vital, permeable, and malleable. Definition (2010) – SBM to create extended customer value, “A business model that creates competitive advantage through superior customer value and contributes to a sustainable development of the company and society can be interpreted as a sustainable business model … Since customer value is the strategic nexus of any business model, sustainable business models are crucial for creating extended customer value for individual customers and society, i.e. Definition (2013) – SBM for technological, organisational, and social innovation. DOI | ResearchGate. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Business model change on the organizational level is about the implementation of alternative paradigms other than the neoclassical economic worldview that shape the culture, structure and routines of organizations and thus change the way of doing business towards sustainable development; a sustainable business model is the aggregate of these diverse organizational aspects. These firms can sense issues on the horizon. This can be achieved by, Lüdeke-Freund, F. (2009): Business Model Concepts in Corporate Sustainability Contexts: From Rhetoric to a Generic Template for “Business Models for Sustainability”. On the other hand, some resources may be easily available yet environmentally harmful. Ehrenfeld & Hoffman, 2013), Tries to connect the value creation function of business models with the idea of (strongly) sustainable capitals management (cf. The triple bottom line encourages firms to seek win-wins, where they search for profitable activities that benefit society and the environment.But, most managers recognize that such win-wins are elusive, especially in the short-term. This list is neither complete nor does it provide final or ultimate definitions. 43, No. ( Log Out /  Obviously, you can't have a sustainable business model without using sustainable resources. … sustainable business models enable social entrepreneurs to create social value and maximize social profit; of significance is the business models’ ability to act as market device that helps in creating and further developing markets for innovations with a social purpose.”, Boons, F. & Lüdeke-Freund, F. (2013): Business Models for Sustainable Innovation: State-of-the-Art and Steps towards a Research Agenda, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 2, pp. SBM- the aim is the sustainability of the particular organization, i.e. BMfS- the aim is the sustainability of society (locally, nationally, or globally). Communications of the Association for Information Systems 16, Article 1. But, this thinking puts firms on a treadmill, doing the same thing faster every day—and, it has them bumping up against resource constraints. 45, pp. Tima Bansal is Executive Director at the Network for Business Sustainability and Professor at the Ivey Business School. Customer Value und Public Value. But the foundation of this model was developed at a time when we didn’t comprehend the natural limits to growth.Business sustainability tackles these issues head on. They are constantly monitoring the external environment, and drawing scenarios of possible futures. Tima highlights published and in-process articles, observations, and conversations that have piqued her interest and provoked her thinking. ( Log Out /  29, No. (Eds. Share Your Research on Business Models for Sustainability (BMfS)! types of sustainable business models are found, each providing different solutions to different challenges (Bocken et al. Our latest thinking on this issue has been presented in this posting. (2004): The business model ontology: A proposition in a design science approach. 6, No. DOI | ResearchGate, 4. Innovation devices in technology entrepreneurship, Research Policy, Vol. A business model for sustainability is actively managed in order to create customer and social value by integrating social, environmental, and business activities.”, Schaltegger, S.; Lüdeke-Freund, F. & Hansen, E. (2012): Business Cases for Sustainability: The Role of Business Model Innovation for Corporate Sustainability, Int. ResearchGate, 3. Resilience not only recognizes the importance of profits, but also values longevity and bouncing back from shocks. 3, 529–555. Public value inside: what is public value creation? Resilient businesses think, not about constant growth, but rather about cyclical processes: cycles of growth and contraction, cycles of production, and cycles of consumer purchase patterns. Lausanne: Universite de Lausanne. & Hoffman, A. Our natural resources are being extracted and disposed of faster than they can be renewed. Organizations need to be less interdependent, and focus on modularity, so they can be insulated from shocks. Dr. Tima Bansal is a Professor of Strategy at the Ivey Business School. It should rather be seen as a collection of snapshots of an ongoing research process and an impulse for your own work in this field. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ehrenfeld & Hoffman, 2013), Puts particular emphasis on major business model functions, which are decribing, analyzing, managing, and communicating (cf. Palm oil is a famous example of a chea… It does not tell managers how to organize their business and how to make important tradeoffs. 95-119. Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Vol. (2013): Towards an Ontology and Canvas for Strongly Sustainable Business Models: A Systemic Design Science Exploration. Ehrenfeld, J. private and public benefits.”, Lüdeke-Freund, F. (2010): Towards a Conceptual Framework of Business Models for Sustainability, in: Wever, R.; Quist, J.; Tukker, A.; Woudstra, J.; Boons, F. & Beute, N. Upward, A. Wiesbaden: Gabler. ResearchGate | SlideShare, 6. Definition (2012) – BMfS to create business cases for sustainability, “Based on the understanding of a business case for sustainability, a business model for sustainability can be defined as supporting voluntary, or mainly voluntary, activities which solve or moderate social and/or environmental problems. Probably not. What’s more, the triple bottom line advises firms what to measure, but not how to manage. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Because it involves a set of multidimensional activities, executing business model innovation is ambitious. Systems theory identifies 5 elements for a sustainable business model: Diversity, modularity, openness, slack resources and matching cycles. They expect not only to react to those potential futures, but also help to shape them. Schaltegger, S. & Wagner, M. (2006): Managing and measuring the business case for sustainability. These ideas need to developed and tested. Is this all just words, or does it point to some profound differences? 38, No. An important questions in this area is: How to define a “sustainable business model” or “business model for sustainability”?*. And, the easiest way to grow profits is to grow the business.Yet, the natural environmental cannot accommodate more industrial growth. Upward, A. ( Log Out /  (2013): Flourishing: A Frank Conversation About Sustainability. Cooperative businesses can contribute to a more just, resilient economy. Bocken et al. Firms that can ride storms must allow for a little more time to accommodate new ideas, scenarios, and shifts in thinking.

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