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var ezo_elements_to_check = Array(); Molasses Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Molasses in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. (function() { Since blackstrap molasses is not common here in India, I could not find the names for it in Indian languages and it usually goes by the same name in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, etc.Though here in India we don’t use blackstrap molasses much, it is … Black strap molasses comes from sugar cane, it is basically the thick sweet syrup left over after refining cane sugar to get the sugar crystals. })(); _gaq.push(['f._setCustomVar',1,'template','old_site_gc',3]); var ezoTemplate = 'old_site_gc'; cyclo dehydration நீர௠நீங௠கி வளையமாதல௠ See Treacle. Since blackstrap molasses, as already discussed, is rich in iron, it also helps women replenish iron levels, which otherwise go down due to blood loss. window.google_analytics_uacct = "UA-75805514-17"; There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Molasses in Urdu is مولیسس ، گڑ, and in roman we write it . The thick, brown or dark colored, viscid, uncrystallizable sirup which drains from sugar, in the process of manufacture; any thick, viscid, sweet sirup made from vegetable juice or sap, as of the sorghum or maple. I think it is கருப்பட்டி (karupatti)in Tamil .This karrupati is very good for our health. window.attachEvent("onload", create_ezolpl, pvID, rv); Tamil meaning for leavender Where does the name molasses come from? if(window.onload) { Molasses is very high in minerals and has quite a strong but sweet taste. _gaq.push(['_setDomainName', 'maxgyan.com']); var ezouid = "1"; { Find more Tamil words at wordhippo.com! ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Tamil Lexicon: Definition of "Molasses" Wiki Definition: Molasses i-molasses Find more words! On this page you will get the synonyms, definition, meanings and translation of molasses in tamil with similar words. } else { Wiki User Answered . var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; இதை விசாரித்து அறிக்கை அளிக்கும் பணி அவரிடமே ஒப்படைக்கப்பட்டது, 2. Tamil meaning of Molasses … Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL language with its free online services. var d = new Date(); Tamil words for molasses include வெல்லப்பாகு, தேன் பாகு and கசண்டு. }); Lern More About. _gaq.push(['e._setCustomVar',1,'template','old_site_gc',3]); Meaning of 'dehydration' No direct tamil meaning for 'dehydration' has been found. } These nutrients include calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. var curronload = window.onload; } The word molasses comes from the Portuguese word melaço, which comes from mel, the Portuguese word for "honey". __ez.queue.addFunc("attach_ezolpl", "attach_ezolpl", ["cffbf3b7-113e-4a39-598d-eaa121f11fca", "false"], false, ['/detroitchicago/boise.js'], true, false, false, false); On this page you will get the synonyms, definition, meanings and translation of molasses in tamil with similar words. _gaq.push(['f._setDomainName', 'maxgyan.com']); var expires = "expires="+d.toUTCString(); __ez.ck.setByCat("ezux_lpl_17226=" + new Date().getTime() + "|" + pvID + "|" + rv + "; " + expires, 3); Maxgyan.com is an online english tamil dictionary. } molasses - The english word have 8 alphabets and vowels. } 1. molasses translation and definition in Tamil, related phrase, antonyms, synonyms, examples for molasses Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names _gaq.push(['f._setSiteSpeedSampleRate', 20]); if (document.readyState === "complete") { Blackstrap molasses contains many nutrients to keep bones healthy and strong. Know the answer of what is the tamil meaning of molasses, Hindi English Dictionary | हिन्दी अंग्रेज़ी शब्दकोश. What is the Tamil name for Black strap molasses? The Chemical Industries Association has appealed to the State Government not to export molasses as the demand for the sugarcane byproduct in the State is good and the alcoholbased chemical units … _gaq.push(['e._setCustomVar',2,'t','126',3]); I don't know any tamil though so don't know if that makes sense. Back To TOC. molasses tamil meaning and more example for molasses will be given in tamil. Molasses definition is - the thick dark to light brown syrup that is separated from raw sugar in sugar manufacture. ஆனால் அந்த ஓட்டுகளும் காங்கிரசுக்கு கை கொடுக்காமல் பகுஜன் சமாஜ் கட்சிக்கும் (15 வார்டுகள்), சுயேச்சைகளுக்கும் (24) உதவியிருக்கின்றன, 4. 2 3 4. _gaq.push(['f._trackPageview']); _gat._createTracker('UA-75805514-17', 'e'); create_ezolpl(pvID, rv); ராணுவத்தின் கட்டுப்பாட்டில் உள்ள கன்டோன்மென்ட் பகுதியில் இருந்த ஆங்கிலேயர்கள் காலத்திய பங்களாக்கள் இரண்டை இடித்து தள்ளிவிட்டு அவசரம் அவசரமாக புது வீடு கட்டும் பணி மும்முரமாக நடந்து வருகிறது, 3. Noun. var ezouid = 'none'; Know the answer of what is the tamil meaning of molasses _gaq.push(['e._trackPageview']); function attach_ezolpl(pvID, rv) { } else { create_ezolpl(pvID, rv); window.onload = create_ezolpl.bind(null, pvID, rv); Tamil Meaning of Molasses. var _ezaq = {"ad_cache_level":0,"ad_lazyload_version":0,"city":"","country":"SG","days_since_last_visit":-1,"domain_id":17226,"domain_test_group":20200409,"engaged_time_visit":0,"ezcache_level":0,"forensiq_score":-1,"form_factor_id":1,"framework_id":1,"is_return_visitor":false,"is_sitespeed":0,"last_page_load":"","last_pageview_id":"","lt_cache_level":0,"metro_code":0,"page_ad_positions":"","page_view_count":0,"page_view_id":"cffbf3b7-113e-4a39-598d-eaa121f11fca","position_selection_id":0,"postal_code":"62","pv_event_count":0,"response_time_orig":468,"serverid":"","state":"","t_epoch":1606512883,"template_id":126,"time_on_site_visit":0,"url":"http://www.maxgyan.com/english/tamil/meaning-of-molasses-in-tamil.html","user_id":0,"weather_precipitation":0,"weather_summary":"","weather_temperature":0,"word_count":405,"worst_bad_word_level":3};var _ezExtraQueries = "&ez_orig=1"; _gaq.push(['e._setSiteSpeedSampleRate', 10]); Molasses definition. Tamil Meaning of Molasses - Tamil to English Dictionary with Tamil Meanings, Tamil Vocabulary - Searchable Tamil Dictionary if(typeof ezouid == 'undefined') Related Phrases. } }; _gaq.push(['f._setCustomVar',2,'domain','maxgyan.com',3]); முதலில் ரூ 3 கோடியும் ஜாமீன் கொடுத்த பிறகு ரூ 7 கோடியும் கொடுப்பதாக பேச்சு, consonance of an inferior order including every kind except the two given above, consonance of the second and third letters in each line of a stanza, consonance of the second letters in the first foot of each line in a stanza. 7. curronload(evt); _gaq.push(['e._setCustomVar',4,'bra','mod72',3]); Asked by Wiki User. d.setTime(d.getTime() + (365*24*60*60*1000)); var ezoFormfactor = '1'; var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['e._setCustomVar',3,'rid','0',2]); How to use molasses in a sentence. அகில இந்திய ஆட்சிப் பணிகளுக்கு ஒரே தேர்வாக நடத்தி, மதிப்பெண்கள் அடிப்படையில் பணி ஒதுக்கீடு செய்வதால் வரும் பிரச்னை இது, 5. Molasses (/ m ə ˈ l æ s ɪ z, m oʊ-/) or black treacle (British English) is a viscous product resulting from refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar.Molasses varies by amount of sugar, method of extraction, and age of plant. Can Promote Bone Health. The word holds the place of nounin english. Top Answer. _gaq.push(['e._setDomainName', 'maxgyan.com']); Maxgyan.com is an online english tamil dictionary. } _gaq.push(['e._setAllowAnchor',true]); var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);

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