tiguan lights stay on

See She tells me I'll have to pay to fix it and if there is a recall in the future I can get a refund. when i pull up and shut off the car and my lights there is a ding as if i had left the lights on. all problems of the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan . This article will help you learn how to diagnose and correct the problem. 1) low beam headlights have a very short range, perhaps as little as 100 feet with a very sharp cut-off. Tested the light and it was not working. If the tail lights are illuminated even after you have used the on-off switch to command them off, that means the switch supplying power is fused shut and/or the circuit is being powered when it is not supposed to be due to a wiring fault. Your airbag light is part of your Tiguan’s larger supplemental restraint system. In some German citys, because some of the streets are so narrow, the law says that when you park on the street at night, you must leave the city lights (parking lights) on the traffic side of the car on. This is a 2009 model and we've already had to replace the O2 sensor, accelerator coil and now two fuses for the headlights. The airbag sensors can also fail and throw the airbag light on if there is water damage. None of the house was within the range of the headlights. Unable to see to the right front at intersections. This was replaced under warranty but I have still had continuing problems with my headlights, indicators and day time running lights going out constantly dying out and requiring replacement. If this light stays on long after your car has started, your light might be faulty or worse, your airbag system may be faulty. Volkswagen Tiguan owners have reported 20 Seat Belts. I just wanted this information recorded and make sure the lights do not fail because of a recall issue and safety concerns while driving with the family. The same lights are switched on when you unlock your car with the remote control. I took the vehicle to a vw dealer that did a diagnostic test and the result was that a fuse had melted into the fuse block and that was causing the light outages. The airbag system control unit may have gone bad. The light flashes for about a minute and then stays on when a fault has been detected with the system. Modern vehicles have sensors running to them to let the computer system know if they are buckled, and if they are locked up. Any setting that would cause it. Contacted the dealership and was informed that my particular vehicle was not involved in the NHTSA investigation for faulty fuse box. Never use a fuse with a bigger number, as doing so could cause catastrophic damage to the wiring in your car. all problems of the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan . It works in tandem with the system to protect you in the event of an accident. I was driving less than 20 mph. After parking for a period of time and restarting the car, the mmi was indicating numerous faults with about half of the lighting on the right side of the vehicle. I had previously received a recall letter and made an appointment two weeks ago to have this looked at - was told it was taken cared of but experienced issues there after. If any of these checks fail, you will see a diagnostic warning light on the dash for the corresponding system. This is a real safety hazard and can lead to crash if not looked into. One or more of the crash sensors may have been triggered, but not enough to deploy the airbag. The replaced circuit only lasted about three weeks and now we have lost the same exterior lighting as before. If this is the case, you can have it replaced or send for a new one. See Two incidents when all vehicle lights turn off while driving in the dark. All of the technology that keeps you from crashing is still there (if equipped), such as the traction control, anti-lock brake system, and blind spot detection. I took the car into royal automotive group in san francisco and they initially claimed it was bad bulbs, it took them 2 weeks to work out it was a faulty main fuse box. I have had a problem with the left side of my lights staying on after switching them off. The "reading lights" in the ceiling of the back seat of my VW Tiguan won't go off, unless I lock the doors. Automotive Mechanic. Pushing in the driver's side map light button shuts all lights off except that map light. 00. Good luck! I went back into the car to head home (only about three miles away 0 but at night), and the other light went out as well - both headlights (low beam) stopped working - I made an appointment with the dealership Monday morning.

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