vr motion simulator

Very nice work, sir. We have had no issues so far regarding the durability and performance. September 21: M2 delivered to me in Columbia, SC, USA via FedX (delivery was attempted the day before, but since no one was home, they left a door tag, which I signed and left on the door for delivery the next day). Support for users up to 330 lbs (150 kg). Please check out the compatibility lists below: Even expensive, industrial motion simulators have limited movement range, but Yaw MS is special. Apres avoir teste le simulateur, plus jamais je ne jouerai a un jeu de course de type simulation sans. My challenge now is to find software settings that provide movements that best compliment running iRacing, the only sim I use. Support: A+ I have the P3 model with traction loss. It has unlimited, 360° yaw movement capability on the vertical axis, and on the horizontal axes there’s more than  70° freedom, which is also exceptional. Voila, en 45 secondes j’ai eu la meilleure experience de simulation de conduite, chez moi. The F-VR1 full motion simulator also features our unique VR … Oh, and you were correct about the pedal plate being very strong. After getting the green light from she who must be obeyed, and a number of questions to DofReality who responded to our questions very quickly, my friend and I ordered 2 of the DofReality P3 rigs. Thanks, I received mine today in 2 packages. We incorporated industry leading electronics, encoders and motors in our products. Each unit we ship is built to our high standards, and goes through extensive quality assurance testing and tuning before being disassembled and packed for shipping. 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You guys did a very nice job with the manufacturing. Before I go any further I will say the only other motion simulator I considered was the prosimu t1000. When you move, everything moves with you! Rig is pretty well balanced. So I spent some nights reading through this forum and all the different topics that can and need to be considered. But does it work? I’ve never seen so much tape styrofoam and bubble wrap, but it was well worth it as every part was received as if new! Since receiving the simulator, putting it all together and loading up the software everything is working as expected. The only difference is the motors + gear boxes and power supply. All was well in my sim racing universe until one afternoon when a friend and I was searching the net for ways to make our sim racing experience a little more immersive. I would buy it again, no doubt. I am really enjoying your product and your support is top notch! While with the DOF Reality P3 motion simulator I feel well after 15 Minutes. Yaw Motion Simulator is compatible with SimTools, SimRacingStudio and Yaw VR Game Engine, that means we are compatible with all the top VR games even on PSVR and XBox! Mounting solution for flight sims close to being finished but even in it’s current state, an absolute blast! Slow movements are always in line with the motion and the high turns left then right again. I would recommend to somehow mount the chair to the floor – otherwise it will start moving a bit on heavy movement. Priced at $999 USD, shipped, the M2 costs much less than NL. Met de EDGE 6D Full Motion Simulator Pakket heb je een 6 DoF simulator waar je alle kanten op beweegt. It showed up at my door just like I had ordered it from a US retailer. Ordering process: Could not be any clearer or easier Highly recommend!! one with vive pro (much nicer vr but the software is not as robust as rift) I’ve yet to try Project Cars and R3E. I’m a fan of your platform. Take care and I wish you great success in your efforts. This stuff is after all experimental and can be quite frustrating to figure out. It’s a verry good experiance. The level of immersion is unreal. Installing software provided by DofReality went without a hitch and actually getting the rig to move was really straightforward. With the great support (Igor to name him), The more I began researching frame designs the more complex things were becoming on my end. The only difference is the motors + gear boxes and power supply. The time it would take to fab your own is not worth it.. With Yaw SDK you can develop your own Yaw Motion Simulator compatible game for Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, HTC VIVE, Valve Index, Pimax and all other headsets in the market. Looking at photos on the page and videos helped a lot though. So, when I stumbled upon the M2 in the iRacing forums and then did some research about DOF Reality, I decided to give the M2 a try. The H2 model is designed to move not only the seat, but, all simulator controls (steering wheel, joystick, pedals, throttles, etc.) In addition to this DOF Realitys on going customer support after purchasing was brilliant and they always kept me up to date with the process and answered all my questions. I purchased the P3 with traction loss. Experience VR like never before with in-built haptic vibration and immersive head tracking technology. Just want to let you know. I am really happy and if there is anything i can do for you to make your simrig reach out to a lot more customers here in Scandinavia just let me know and i will do everything a can!! In connection with VR its the closest I came to regulary drive a 911 GT3 RS on a track. Our motion simulator platforms use rigid metal frames and can handle heavy direct drive wheels, flight yokes, and pedals systems. It’s compact for home use, yet powerful. Additionally. The support and communication from them as been awesome. Compatible with over 100 games, you can enjoy motion simulator of roller coasters, 6D movies and much more. I had many questions and I took a shot in the dark by asking them and to my surprise, my email was answered within minutes of me sending it!

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