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Gil Kane (April 6, 1926 – January 31, 2000), born Eli Katz, was a comic book artist whose career spanned the 1940s to the 1990s and every major comics company and character. Comics that use this approach always feel washed out or faded, and I personally don’t enjoy them as much as inked issues. From Cliff Chiang – Cliff is an artist that has worked on Batman, Transmetropolitan, Grendel, Swamp Thing, and much more. The reason most don’t think about the ink works is because it’s easy to overlook when you’re not an artist or hardcore comic reader. I don’t think my strength is my storytelling, it’s more my figure drawing. Making a small mistake won’t mean that you have to make an entirely new sketch and start the inking comic process from the very beginning. From Tim Townsend – An inker that has worked on The X-Men, House of M, Captain America and others. I basically started inking because my pencilling wasn’t quite ready and then I really felt like I had an aptitude for inking, and they seemed to like my inking so I did a lot more of it. They thought my story telling wasn’t there yet and my poses were a little too tame. This is one of the most unforgiving mediums – make a mistake in ink and it's very difficult to cover up. For instance, Jerusalem by Delisle is inked on paper and colored on a computer. The inker takes an artist's pencils and goes over them in ink, turning the image into a finished piece of work. We recommend using white Speedball Pigmented Acrylic Calligraphy Ink. They use ink over a sketched drawing to finalize the comic, then scan it. No matter what the style, inking is crucial to developing the final product that we receive. Bob has held the role of both a penciler and an inker and the piece up top is an example of his inking ability. From an interview on Adelaide Comics and Books. Boucq “Bouncer” Brush ink and watercolor. Some creative comic artists make use of colored pencils because they give them finer control over coloring. From Bob McLeod – A classic inker, Bob has worked on The X-Men, The New Mutants, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and many others. The inker is one of the two line artists in traditional comic book production. About becoming an inker – “Well I really started inking because even though my drawing was advanced, it wasn’t super hero dynamically ready. This market has a surplus of talent and a shortage of projects. And maybe it's time you got your own work up on there as well. While a number of comic book artists render their characters on computer, many still prefer to work with paper and pencil. For me, the ink IS the drawing, so I prefer to do that myself.”. The question about what an inker does was actually answered by DC once in a one page layout seen below. Some inker styles are sharp and polished, while other can be rough and gritty. The best comic book software allows you to import outside sources so you can use sketches, characters, and backgrounds that you have created in other programs or scanned. While the work is impactful and important, it is quite easy to overlook. Inking is the process of adding shading and detail to the original drawing, giving it more character. The Spider-Man/Punisher layout at the top of this article was done by a very famous artist, Bob Mcleod. At least that’s my opinion. "Inking" of text is usually handled by another specialist, the letterer, the application of colors … Best Pens for Comic Inking: The Artists’ Choice Sakura 50201 6-Piece Pigma Manga Comic Pro. If you're insane enough to pursue it further, be prepared for a lot of criticism and LISTEN TO IT! Comic Book Inking and Coloring Tutorial. The original drawing was nice and had a fair amount of detail, but doesn’t have the same impact on the reader that the finished product has. So I want an inker who can maintain that.”. You're going to be competing with seasoned pros', some who have been doing this for decades, for the same jobs. At one time, inking was mostly used to prepare the comic page for printing, as the printer would pick up the light pencils, but today, the inker is a vital part of the comic creation process. The dark ink lines makes the art jump off the page and adds depth and dimension. Artists who ink their strips on paper and then scan them in follow the same process as print cartoonists. A good inker can bring feeling and emotion to a simple drawing. While there are famous inkers in the comic industry, most go unnoticed due to the nuance of their work. The inker takes an artist's pencils and goes over them in ink, turning the image into a finished piece of work. Learn what the heck inking is. Many comics use a mixture of techniques. Delisle “Jerusalem” mixed technique ink on pape, color/grey digital. Updated March 13, 2017. Comic artists draw pictures too, but they use multiple frames, such as in a comic strip, comic book or graphic novel, to tell a story. This is the perfect example of how inking works. Earlier this year I was commissioned to come up with a series of character illustrations for Cohort Pictures new film project; ‘The Northern Mist‘, a suspense horror set during the Roman occupation of Briton. Brushes are favorable when laying line weights or heavy and thick lines producing realistic-looking images. They weren’t the John Buscema/Jack Kirby dynamics that they were looking for. Other artists go all in digital or mix techniques depending on the. Artists often will sketch using blue pencils because most scanners won't pick it up, so there's no need to erase sketch marks from a finished inked drawing. Sure you look at a page and think, “this spread looks amazing” or “damn that drawing is badass,” but how many of you understand the different layers that go into creating the art. Have an education to fall back on, a Plan B if-you-will. Choose your inks to suit your purpose. Generally, a brush or pen is used to ink comic book pages, but some inkers use both. These comics are unique in their own right, but when reading them you get the sense that something’s missing. Keep your ego in check and realize that no one cares who you are, only what you can do. This Prismacolor Premier has been in the industry for more than … Aaron Albert, a collector of and an expert on comic books, has studied, taught, and written about the comic book genre for more than 20 years. And if you do happen to be an artist - there's nothing like the daily inspiration of a well curated Instagram feed. 1 Gil Kane. Anyone who thinks inking is a job for failed pencillers or an easier route to go hasn't got a clue and probably won't have a prayer.”. We'll cover everything from how to choosing the right equipment and materials, to how to tackle different techniques. Without good ink work, comics tend to not feel right. It’s one of the most important and most unrecognized aspects of comic books. Don't put all your eggs in this basket because, chances are, you wont make it. Basically, what I want out of an inker is someone who draws well and won’t lose the subtleties in the figure drawing that I enjoy. Although most comic art is done with black ink, white ink is an indispensable complement to this principal color. In fact there are since titles out there like Walking Dead All Out War, that were published without ink. They use ink to incorporate dynamic lighting, and add shading and textures which may be lacking in the penciled work. It’s like all the puzzle pieces are there, but they won’t fit together. Portraying the Mass, Depth, and Form of Your Objects. The pencil work was done by artist Lee Weeks, and we can see how much detail was added when Bob put the ink on the page. Some inkers prefer more detail and less shading while others are the exact opposite. With that done, you can go over them and ink them, practicing your skills. From an interview on Adelaide Comics and Books. Doug Tenapel, the artist and filmmaker who created the character Earthworm Jim, suggests that you take and enlarge some comic strips and trace them with pencil. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Before You Buy Essential Art Supplies for Drawing. If you aren’t much of an artist or you want to save some time, look for software that comes with vast character libraries, making it easier for you to jump into creating comics. It allows artists to correct mistakes and add highlights to give their finished work polish. Although you can begin by using any kind of paper to draw on when you first start drawing, as you develop your technique, you'll want to become comfortable with the types of paper used by industry professionals, particularly when showing your sketches to comic book editors. 13 places to find Beautiful Free Illustrations, Typography in Album Artwork: From Groovy Typefaces to Handwritten Calligraphy, Spotlight: Interview with Benjamin Bours, Art Director at Wired, Behind Wireframe: How Fantasy UI in Films and TV Mirrors Our Own Design Reality.

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