when to use augmented chords

Of the four main types of triads in music theory—major triads, minor triads, augmented triads, and diminished triads—augmented triads are the least common. Augmented chords are used in a lot of modern rock music, such as Foo Fighters – Generator. This is a very common use for augmented chords. The Beach Boys show how it can add more dissonance than a seventh chord in “The Warmth of the Sun.” The chord progression for the verses is C, Am, Eb, Cm7, Dm7, G7, G+. Darling,” the augmented chord is used as a replacement for the dominant seventh. "Oh, Darling!" Use them as substitutes for dominant seventh chords. They are less common in pop and dance music for the very same reason. The tense, anticipatory nature of the chords suit this kind of dramatic, progressive tension. Rock On. However, there are a few ways to effectively use augmented chords in your songwriting to make your compositions stand out.

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