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... the recipe for Clear Liquid Reagent is 1x purified water, 1x Sunrise Herbs, 1x salt, and 1x wild grass or weed. Obtained by gathering wild herbs. You can collect It can also be Gathered directly from Wild Herbs using Bare Hands or a Hoe. Home Items Material Plants Wild Grass. Herb. Vendor Sell: 100. In BDO, alchemy is a highly useful life skill that can earn you a lot of silver if done correctly. Hunting is an active lifeskill which involves killing certain animals by shooting them with a gun. Data Updated: September 27, 2020. Wild Grass or Weeds x1 (x1500) Silver Azalea x1 (x1500) Sugar x1 (x1500) Purified Water x1 (x1500) 1.5 Elixir of Energy x1000. Aventurières, aventuriers, votre attention s'il vous plaît, il est grand temps de déménager! Reagents: Wise Man´s Blood x1 (x1000) Sunrise Herb x6 (x6000) It can be obtained from Wild Herbs using Barehanded Gathering. Note that this plant will take up 1 grid in a garden. Wild Grass/weed - Depends on your alchemy skill. It should say where on the herb description though Types of Herbs obtained vary depending on Wild Herb species.Able to Gather: Sunrise Herb, Silver Azalea, Fire Flake Flower, Dry Mane Grass, Silk Honey Grass, Everlasting Herb Current Price 945 . DAE. Weeds or wild grass. I legitimately have not seen a single wild grass spawn. BDO recipe calculator and information for Wild Grass. Various type of Herbs can obtained through Barehanded Gathering from Wild Herbs in the field. - Description: The seed of a Sunrise Herb, an Alchemy ingredient which can be grown by Farming. - How to obtain: Gathering with Bare Hands or a Hoe from Wild Herb or Sunrise Herb. Weight: 0.10 LT. Groups Direct Recipes Indirect Recipes. Wild herbs are completely random as to what kind of herb you get, although it seems some herbs are definitely more common than others. Searching gave differing answers. Wild Grass. BDO. (RMB to locate the nearest Fence exchange NPC) Grass. It is definetly one of the more unique and fun lifeskills but has been somewhat mediocre in terms of money making until the mastery update. Before you head out to start your BDO horse-taming adventure and claim your first wild horse, there are a few things that you need to get started. Weeds are obtained either by active farming (pruning), or by bare hand gathering (without a hoe). ... Any Alchemy recipe that says it requires wild grass, you can substitute an equal amount of weeds. Min Price 945 . Eminent’s BDO Alchemy Guide. It can also ensure access to the best-boosting elixirs. Comme nous vous l'avons déjà annoncé précédemment, il n'est désormais plus possible de créer de nouveau sujet ni de répondre aux anciens sur ce bon vieux forum. Total Trades 226.180M . You can begin Farming after using a Fence to create a garden. which is why i always pick it as the reward option from the dailies in olivia.

It’s now kept current on GrumpyG, with Eminent’s permission. Max Price 1,010 . 502. Reagents: Pure Powder Reagent x1 (x1000) MP Potion (Small) x2 (x1000) Weasel/Fox/Raccoon Blood x4 (x4000) Purified Water x3 (x3000) 2.1 Fisher's Elixir x1000. Certain locations DO have specific herbs with the actual name of the herb, but I can't bring any locations with Silver Azalea to mind.

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