zedruu bad gifts

After sitting around with nothing to do for what must have felt like an eternity, the Kruphix player for the second time looked somewhat disbelieving... and when Karlov ended his turn, he passed to Kid Combo, who immediately did his combo and won the game. Average Type Distribution. Use Elixir of Immortality right after. The turns to follow were fun. At least, that's what I've been told by players that are better at this game than me. As luck would have it, the rare slot is Wall of Reverence, which is apparently worth a few bucks. I'm not actually sending anyone these booster packs. I'm giving away blockers and helping everyone else, so I'm a problem and a problem that is best removed as soon as possible because it probably won't be that difficult to do so. Terms of Use | Of course, normally you don't announce it to the table. It's not just all combat and combos - you can play decks that aren't just outside the box, they're off the reservation and engaging opponents in ways you might never have imagined were possible. Let's break that down into its three components. Today we set sail on the good ship Zedruu. He read the card. I post a link to each week's blog post on FB and Reddit (links below) and I wlll try to respond to all feedback, whether it's positive or negative. I was vulnerable and Karlov couldn't resist. This deck's approach also doesn't work with all players, even if they do share my colors. Now, we could give the other players useful things, but in my experience that just has them hating on us anyway with their new toy. I played Celestial Dawn. Remember the three decks at the top of this blog post? What I mean is that she's weird and different and you can build her in all sorts of ways that can make her fun. The uncommons are Nomad Outpost, Seek the Horizon and Mardu Blazebringer. Zedruu the Greathearted. Spiritual Asylum What was found behind "door number 3" might be good. Some opponents have a mindset that the game is all about winning and the sooner they eliminate every opponent, the better. Celestial Dawn was out of the game. You can wait for the good ship Zedruu to complete its maiden blog post voyage before you find out what's behind the door you would have picked. Our uncommons are Hellkite Hatchling, Manaforce Mace and Knotvine Mystic, none of which are new to me but which could be usable in decks I have. I'm glad it's in the deck as it makes it decidedly more interesting. Playing a deck like Zedruu, you deal with things you can deal with and try to politic your way past things you cannot deal with. Maybe the fact that I'm exclusively an EDH player plays into my decision. One of those packs is Magic 2014, and has been opened and displayed in the photo below. Magic The Gathering is property of Wizards of the Coast. + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Solitary Confinement Each of my opponents take damage for each land they control. 1x Exotic Orchard. An example of this category would be Rule of Law: the card slows down the whole table regardless of its owner but can still be donated to benefit Zedruu's first ability. He could have scooped. The challenge is to do it in a way that either gives you an advantage on the board or gives you an advantage politically. My stuff has Shroud. I'm very curious as to whether it would be fun, but i can't imagine it being more fun than the build I've got. + Enchanted Evening Destroys all permanents besides mine. Life Gain: Life gain is helpful, but Commander is a format where the advantage a high life total gives you is mitigated by the prevalence of combo and the constant threat of losing to commander damage or infect. Mindslaver will someday backfire against an opponent who kills Zedruu, steals the Mindslaver and forces me to suffer the pain I'm hoping to give to them. He was faced with the kind of lock that he had no way to get out of. Zedruu Donate s ... bad gifts.. Sucky gifts like Bronze Bombshell and Illusions of Grandeur, some less sucky like Howling Mine.I could even group hug with Land Tax.. Extending the game, within reason, is a higher cause than helping to end it by giving a morph creature to someone who is already out of control. Such is life. Zedruu the Greathearted. Stratus Dancer: Counter target instant or sorcery spell. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Mindslaver can be a risky card to run. He was able to knock that player out, and now I had to decide how to proceed. Maybe he just wanted the game to be over. Zedruu has been involved in more than a few weird games but one of my favorites was a game where I was playing against three other decks, including a Phelddagrif player. The foil is Yoke of the Damned, which isn't worth much, and the commons don't contain anything I'm particularly excited about. Be strong. Citadel of Pain I was playing against Phelddagrif, with a deck full of weird, effective, and slightly unfair ways to hamstring or just kill players. For the players who won't "play ball", or who just blow up too quickly, I run cards that are BAD gifts. Upvote 0. A few weeks ago I wrote about one of the worst games I had ever had (which I won). + Torpor Orb To disable artifact and creature combo decks while I setup. Morph cards are cast for 3 of any color mana and are played face-down. Maybe I just like surprises. I'm pretty sure it was the first and only game the deck has won. This was one of the BEST games I ever played in which I still managed to lose. Thousand Winds: Return all other tapped creatures to their owners' hands. It was December of 2015. Edit. Zedruu can only have red, white and blue cards, so it can be a challenge to convince players without any of those colors that I'll be giving them any decent gifts. Bad Gifts (7) 1x Aggressive Mining; 1x Delusions of Mediocrity; 1x Embargo; 1x Grafted Skullcap; 1x Illusions of Grandeur; 1x Pyromancer's Swath; 1x Rust Elemental; Lands to Give Away (2) 1x Cephalid Coliseum; 1x City of Brass Sometimes it would be a furniture, or if you're really lucky, a car. He could have scooped. Possible win-cons: self-mill by massive draw or Thought Lash then Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries; draw & Niv-Mizzet, Parun and/or Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind "My grandmother’s never been especially good at presents and has been known to re-gift things to us that we’ve given to her. I still try, but it's a harder sell with opponents playing only in black and/or green. Nobody else was able to blow up. It's especially fun to play with less experienced players, as it really opens their eyes to what you can do in this format. This site was created with Wix.com, Good gifts, bad gifts: Building & Playing Zedruu. Zedruu - The Bearer of Bad Gifts Commander / EDH Binahu. I was out of the game. Magus of the Moat I didn't even worry about what I'd draw or what I had in hand. Contact | I have gifted Statecraft to a player who was had an immense board state with tons of creatures and was poised to win the game. Null Rod This was one of the BEST games I ever played in which I still managed to lose. ​. I still don't understand why. SO my Zedruu only give's Coal. Oftentimes decks with these cards are built to work around their restrictions so that they harm their opponents more than you. It could be anything. Her party trick is that she allows you to give your permanents to other players. He built it as a group hug deck and either has no win-cons or has very, very few. I can cast Delusions of Grandeur or Illusions of Mediocrity to gain 10 or 20 life and then can give them to someone else so they have to worry about losing that much life if it's removed. Powerstone Minefield Zedruu the Greathearted is a bad commander for anyone who really cares about winning games. 1x Hall of Heliod's ... Sorcery (9) Enchantment (18) Artifact (12) Commander (1) They can be lands, extra mana rocks or even creatures like Humble Defector or Goblin Cadets.

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