Whirl-Y-Gig Guardian Policy

Under 18’s are welcome at Whirl-Y-Gig with a legitimate guardian, who must now be an ACTUAL PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN, responsible for a maximum of two siblings per parent. In addition arrangements for admission need to be made with the Whirl-Y-Gig organisers IN ADVANCE OF THE EVENT

Tel: 0208 864 6760 or email wow@whirl-y-gig.org.uk

Guardian parties will only be permitted entry by Mary, the Whirl-Y-Gig manager (not by the door crew). This is to be absolutely certain that guardians are not only bona fide parents but also that they understand the terms and conditions of entry.

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Whirl-Y-Gig Age Policy

Whirl-y-Gig is now a srictly over 18’s event. Anyone who is blessed with youthful looks or is under 25yrs old can be expected to prove their age with up to date photo ID (see below).

Valid Photo ID Include:

  1. A valid passport (expired passports are not acceptable)
  2. A new style (plastic card) Driving Licence
  3. PASS Card: The National Proof of Age Standards Scheme
  4. Validate Card: Official UK ID Card

These 4 kinds of I.D will be closely scrutinized on the door and compared to original samples. We have the right to refuse entry if there is ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER of a persons age. We regret that we can no longer accept: Student cards / University College cards or any other form of ID as proof of age.

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Maria (aka “the Whirl-y-Fairy”)

“From what I was told, I simply HAD to go to Whirly after missing a previous few due to other engagements, i couldn’t put it off any longer.

People I went with had been before, and told me to an extent what it was like. But nothing prepared me for it…. The bizarre sight of seeing children outside and going into whirly. At 11pm in Kings Cross. Balloons and smiles in motion. It was amazing, and I was sober! Paid my money to get in. (I somehow already felt I had got my moneys worth) Walked through the doors and was blown away. Attack of the senses in a most extraordinary way. Sight of multicolours – drapes/glowsticks/happy shiny Whirly-goers. The sound of wonderful energetic music. Closing my eyes feeling the bass go through me, reverberating and bringing me to life. Read more →

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Holy Moley…Whirly? – Paul, Birmingham

Twas New Year’s Eve…and nothing was stirring, save for a Monkey Pilot…and the rest of London.

Okay, well, i went with Will, June (Will’s fiancee), Jane (June’s twin sister), Hank (Jane’s husband), and Niel (Hank’s brother)- all those dudes live in a house together and we’ve only made friends since about November, when they were the only people to turn up to my housewarming party…Will liked my music, Hank liked my sofa, Niel likes everything =) Read more →

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