Whirl-y-Gig is a magical club, in London, where global vibes collide with uplifting trance, drum ‘n bass, breakbeat and ambient dance, all fused together by DJ Monkey Pilot. Under the comfort of the giant pink parachute in the roof, the whole environment is adorned by beautiful saris and wall hangings, all of which are bathed in a radiant spectral delight by Zeeman Zap light show. Visually the Whirl-y-Gig nights are spectacular adding a carnival atmosphere and complemented by a broad range of musical delights.

The stewarding is friendly and caring and yet very professional. There is a code; all you are asked to bring is warmth, enthusiasm and a friendly smile. Children are more than welcome at Whirl-y-Gig as long as they are supervised at all times by a parent or approved guardian (and its free to under- 12’s).

Whirl-y-Gig’s motto is “music and people of all ages and places”; this is a place where young and old alike can enjoy the freedom to express themselves in a community environment where age, race, sex, sexuality and status have no hierarchy, where the burdens and immoralities of day to day life can be washed away. It’s a wonderful place, which over the years has been a source of inspiration to many. It was the birthplace of Azukx and also home to bands such as Astralasia, Banco de Gaia, Joi, Moodswings and Trans-Global Underground, all of which have made numerous live appearances on the stage over the years.

Towards the end of the night the legendary parachute dance engulfs the dancers. Here a large silk parachute with everybody sitting under it is waved above peoples heads by a ring of people encircling the parachute, providing twenty minutes of relaxing ambient vibes, cool breezes and breathtaking visuals to end the night on a chilled note.

The whole Whirl-y-Gig experience can only be described as a fairy-tale voyage, a journey that recreates the magic of a music festival in an enchanted indoor environment, although more fitting it has been described in fewer words by Monkey Pilot as” an event difficult to describe, a moment difficult to miss.”

Richard Morley