I’m whirlyfied!!! – Tanya De Leon

To all whirly virgins or Whirlyfied people! Do you love meeting new people making new friends and love raving and being unique? Whirly is the place 2 be!

It was my 1st experience on the 1st Whirly of this year 28th January 2012. I went in with my boyfriend and his mates as they went whirly many times and told me how I’d love it. I went in and it was like I was in a dream overwhelming at first as it’s different to other raves. Whirly is a very good experience as a beginner raver or advanced. People are amazing in there all smiles and everyone accepts you for who you are no matter what age or how different you are. People accept you! You can easily make friends in whirly!

Not only was Whirly a beautiful atmosphere and people…the music is uplifting! I was dancing all night. They also do FREE FACE PAINTING so you can have whatever you feel like on your face! But what won me over whirly that no other rave can beat was the parachute. Everyone sits down and you’re under a parachute jamming with everyone. Even people at whirly look after you! So no matter who you are… WHIRLY IS EVERYONES RAVE …. Peace and love .. hope to see you in Whirly!