Maria (aka “the Whirl-y-Fairy”)

“From what I was told, I simply HAD to go to Whirly after missing a previous few due to other engagements, i couldn’t put it off any longer.

People I went with had been before, and told me to an extent what it was like. But nothing prepared me for it…. The bizarre sight of seeing children outside and going into whirly. At 11pm in Kings Cross. Balloons and smiles in motion. It was amazing, and I was sober! Paid my money to get in. (I somehow already felt I had got my moneys worth) Walked through the doors and was blown away. Attack of the senses in a most extraordinary way. Sight of multicolours – drapes/glowsticks/happy shiny Whirly-goers. The sound of wonderful energetic music. Closing my eyes feeling the bass go through me, reverberating and bringing me to life.

New exquisite anima around me. I hadn’t even taken my coat off…

Off to the toilets, time to snap the glowsticks and check make-up, well, normally. This time all that was done in what seemed to be a semi-chill out room. But no, it was a toilet, and I realised that the shiny happy Whirly love and friendliness was all around. I met an army of wonderful people just there.

To the chill-out room, a room so comforting. Soft lights, refreshments and all the people you could ever want to be in the presence of. Strangers, but not for very long! The atmosphere at whirly is so unpretentious its astounding. Acceptance and welcoming from all directions. If you’re the sort of person that gets inhibitions about a new place, you really don’t need to here!!

After the glaze of joy had (sort of) lifted to a point where I could move again, it was off to the main room again. Made my way up to the stage to dance. And I did, shortly before looking up and having to stop….” I was on another planet. I could see earth from where I was standing. A breathtaking projection.

I danced all night. I was not on the pull. My prospective love interest was in the arms of another, and I cared for about 2 seconds before I realised I didn’t need anything more than my wonderful friends and a wonderful whirly!! At the front of the stage I danced, until I built up a “fanbase” of people mimicking my dance moves. Sweat was literally dripping off of my body, and a wonderful member of the whirly staff fanned me with a giant…leaf thing! There is nothing but love and care here!! Suddenly people were sitting on the main floor. I knew it was time for the infamous parachute and joined them. A vast canopy moved over my head, and before I knew it I was skin to skin with my friends and more friends. No one at whirly is a stranger. Ambient music and love, everywhere a rippling canvass above me, waves of light projection swimming. I didn’t ever want it to end. But it had to, leaving me totally satisfied but yearning for the next in equal measures.

This was my first whirly.

If you haven’t had yours yet…you know what you have to do!