Whirl-Y-Waves Vol.2 - Global Grooves

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Whirl-Y-Waves Vol.2 – Global Grooves

Title : Whirl-Y-Waves Vol.2 - Global Grooves
Release Date : 2000
Catalog Ref. : WHIRL 3
Format : Digital Download
Price : £10.00

Recorded as 320KBS MP3  

Disc 1:



Disc 2:



Following on from the ground breaking Whirl-Y-Waves compilation of ’96, Volume 2- Global Grooves comes closer than ever to capturing that unique whirly vibe. Designed as one continuous listening experience, you can glide effortlessly between the enlivening Hot One and the relaxing Chill Too. Each has been mixed by Monkey Pilot into a seamless journey that embraces club music of many forms, influenced by many places, and blended into a melting pot of global grooves. Drawing from current whirly anthems, you will find this collection bursting with top tunes of immense individual merit and genuinely refreshing originality.

“….So let us ride the Whirl-Y-Waves!”

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