Firstly to say thank you. That was the first time attending whirl-y-gig for me and my wife (in our forties, we have come to the whole world of rave and dance events very late, having spent our earlier years in different subcultures, or just as slaves to the demands of parenthood). Well, it was glorious. I must admit, I did come with reservations, but every one of them was confounded.

The whole experience was blissful – organisers, crew, security and crowd were all very friendly, the music was simultaneously focused and diverse, with a richness of flavouring fluctuating throughout, and the decor was captivating (like Marrakesh as it exists in the mind rather than in disappointing reality). Also, the volume levels were perfect – better than anywhere I’ve ever been. Loud and bassy enough to give a proper kick in the guts, but engineered properly so that it was still possible to sustain conversations with all the friendly dancers around us. I wish that other venues in London understood that there’s more to playing music in a club than just turning everything up to eleven and ignoring problems of distortion, hearing damage and the anti-social consequences of preventing human interaction. So, yes: thank you.

Thanks very much for a night that will live in my memory forever, and see you at the next one!