Whirl-Y-Gig – Global Disco


Whirl-Y-Gig Global Disco is as close as you can get to the dance floor.



Title : Whirl-Y-Gig – Global Disco
Release Date : October 1, 2011
Catalog ref. : WHIRL 5
Format : CD
Recorded as 320KBS MP3

Celebrating thirty years of exceptional clubbing, Whirl-Y-Gig Global Disco is as close as you can get to the dance floor mix spun by Monkey Pilot every month under the arches of London Bridge Station. It has been a long and winding road, but today Whirl-Y-Gig is a leading light in world dance music with a passionate underground following. Whirl-Y-Music fuses elements of east and west, new and old, trance and drum ‘n’ bass, and nowhere more concisely than here on Global Disco!

Opening with a joyful drum ‘n’ bass version of Forest Hymn, the vocal emotion of Transglobal Underground is taken stratospheric by the gypsy drum ‘n’ bass of Filthy Kicks. Kilbride & Kisaragi introduce a jiggy house tempo on which Holroyd builds with mesmerising afrobeat to meet the electro acoustic trance of Secret Vibes. Zetan Spore hold nothing back with their storming celtic psytrance, as Astralasia’s eastern tinged techno rides the crest of the wave, breaking with the magnificent drum ‘n’ bass version of Tubular Bells. What else could one ask for but to be brought floating blissfully back to earth with Banco de Gaia’s parachute classic!

Every track is a current or very recent whirly hit, and this mix represents a moment in time when the event, the crowd, and the music is as fresh and inspirational as ever!