Firstly to say thank you. That was the first time attending whirl-y-gig for me and my wife (in our forties, we have come to the whole world of rave and dance events very late, having spent our earlier years in different subcultures, or just as slaves to the demands of parenthood). Well, it was glorious. I must admit, I did come with reservations, but every one of them was confounded.

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Monkey Musings

WITH KATE MAGIC, DR STRANGE & WOODZEE (RE-EDITED & RE-VISITED)   Doc Strange: When was the first event under the Whirly Banner? What can you recall of it? MP: The very first was held in the summer of 1981 by Ros Madden, for twenty odd people in a pub venue. In the autumn she launched the event in … Read more

Lost Property

If you have lost personal possessions at Whirl-Y-Gig such as keys, mobile phones, passports or wallets then there is a good chance that it has been found and handed in. Please contact us with a full description of your missing property via: the Contact Form on this web site Email: Tel: 01984 248911 For items left … Read more

Ticket Booking Information

Important Update Booking reference numbers made via this web site are now 5 digit numbers and will appear on your email confirmation as Order: #11134.  All that you will need bring with you to the event is your booking reference number which will be presented upon completion of order and sent to you in an order confirmation e-mail. You may also be … Read more