My First Whirly – ISObell

I went to my first Whirly on my own. I have to say I was a little bit nervous. As I walked in through the double doors I was surprised to find myself in a warm dark almost womblike atmosphere! Instantly cosy and welcoming, with low ceilings and none of the loud music I was expecting.

Almost straight away people came over and said hello – some even hugged me! I was freaked out by this at first, but I soon got to like it. Its a close knit family of regulars at Whirl-y-Gig but they are all so welcoming to new people. There is a Café and there is also a bar at Whirly, but you don’t get those annoying drunk pests that you get at most nightspots.

The lighting has you mesmerised, especially in the chill-out area where there are psychedelic projections akin to lava lamps or kaleidoscopes. There are nets draped from the ceiling that you can climb into, its a truly magical atmosphere. There is face painting available and at times you have to remind yourself that you are not in fairyland. I love taking photos of the happy people under the rainbow lights.

Walking onto the dance floor and the music is still of a level at which you can hold a conversation, though once you start dancing it is hard to stop. The music is infectious and although I am no spring chicken I recognised many of these tunes from the acid scene of the 80s and 90s. The DJ is brilliant and plays familiar stuff that the audience recognise and new surprising stuff too.

There are people of all ages at Whirly, children, families, students, veterans. Its quite timeless ; the peace & love of the 60s brought up to date. Its almost impossible to feel out of place.

There are a few little stalls selling drinks, cakes, tea, melon, and my favourite stall sells glow-sticks, bracelets, tie-dye clothing and even tattoo sleeves. It gives the place a real festival atmosphere.

Happening at the end of every month, Whirly gives me a dose of happiness that sees me through. Even though it means a entire night awake raving until 6AM, a sleepless weekend, I fell completely re-invigorated the following day and for a whole week after :)!!