Whirl-y-Virgins Dionne, Chez and Debbie – Oct 2012

We are three good friends who came to whirly, spanning 3 decades of ages. We are in our 30s 40s and 50s. The night was stumbled across byaccident and being the ages that we were, we thought our clubbing days were over! On entering the venue we were totally mesmerised by the instant fairy-tale Whirl-y-World that enveloped us! WOW! We weretotally confounded as to how in all our accumulated clubbing history that we had not had whirly in our lives before!!! Arriving as whirly virgins we were embraced into a family of whirlying people, amazing decor and Whirl-y-music and were made to feel instantly at home!

All ages, all cultures! just wonderful!! This has been a life changing experience for us all! Over the years our tastes of music have stayed on a level, however whirly enlightened our senses to the amazing amalgamation of whirly world music! Trance, Techno, Dub-Step, Pop all mixed together and whirling around our heads. The atmosphere was electric, tingling, whirling our eyes and ears everywhere! absolutely electrifying! We met so many lovely and interesting people! Everything about the night was fantastic. The security was the friendliest I’ve ever known in a club and they were there for all the amazing people!

At around 5.15am a huge parachute covered the whole club with a light show which has to be seen to believed! An absolutely breath-taking experience! We actually felt quite emotional when the night ended and we didn’t want it to end!
We left the venue feeling totally spellbound!! For weeks following this fantastic night out, we could not stop talking about the experience! Even my words here cannot really explain how it feels to be totally whirlified, but we are! You just have to experience it to believe it! We have since joined the Whirl-y-Gig Official Group on Facebook where all of us whirlies can share our experiences! It seems that once you’ve been whirlified you cannot wait to be whirlified again. The daily countdown has well and truly began till the next one! There’s so many wonderful things I could say about this experience but it would go on for days! If you haven’t been whirlified yet, you are definitely missing out!!

See you all under the parachute!!!!!! ‘cos we can’t wait!!