Rhian Helina Jones

They say it’s probably the most visionary club in the world… I say, without a doubt. Wonder and excitement fill your senses as the swirling incense entices you through the door and into a world that oozes with psychedelia and begs to be explored; much like discovering Aladdin’s cave.

The transformation of this London club is incredible and an artwork in itself. Beautiful, multi-coloured saris cascade over the walls and ceiling, while the mesmerising light show of Zeeman Zap keeps your eyes more than occupied, and serves as a very photogenic backdrop for the photographers in the room. Stand on the stage, and immerse yourself in euphoria as you look out in to the hazy tunnels of technicolour and glance upon the projected earth as it turns on its axis… is this really still in London?

The music at Whirl-y-gig isn’t just a DJ set; it’s a magical journey, navigated by DJ Monkey Pilot- the musical guru and co-organiser of whirl-y-gig, along with his spiritual counterpart, Mary the Fairy. The whirl-y-mix takes influences from around the globe, mixing the unlikeliest of genres and producing a unique sound that will get even the most reserved up and dancing. Drum ‘n’ Bass, Electro Swing, Dubstep, Trance and house can all be found and infused with essences of Celtic, African, Arabic and Asian sounds… and that’s just to name a few! The most impressive trait of Monkey Pilot’s set, it would seem, is his intuitive ability to play what you want to hear, when you want to hear it; even if that means diverting to completely a new genre. It just works! And, it really is a wonderful sight to behold when the night gets in to full swing, with the crowd looking every bit as fabulous as the decor and content to keep on dancing into the small hours.

The atmosphere of this club is second to none with a strong sense of community and a welcoming feel from the moment you walk through the door. Virgin Whirliers are embraced by the patrons and the more you visit, the more you feel part of the ever expanding Whirl-y-family. Even the stewards have a friendly, caring approach; which is refreshing in comparison to bolshie attitudes of the staff in some of today’s clubs.

You’ll make plenty of friends over the duration of the night, getting a chance to chat when the parachute comes down… that’s right, a parachute. At 5:30am the crowd take their seats on the floor as the ‘parachute pullers’ shroud them in white material, creating a sense of calm and tranquillity. This is an experience like no other, with a rippling wave of colour and serenity above your head you cannot help but feel at peace with the world.

Whirl-y-gig was first created by the Association for Humanistic Psychology in 1981, and 31 years later it’s still as popular as ever and the ethos is still the same; an event for “people of all ages and places”. Aside from the cold streets of London at 6am, there isn’t a bad word to say about this monthly event. It must be seen to be believed, so pre-order a ticket or get there early to avoid missing out on possibly the most transcendent night of your life.