First Time Experiences

Below are listed various accounts from Whirl-Y-Gigers as they share their first time experiences of the magic that is Whirl-Y-Gig.


Firstly to say thank you. That was the first time attending whirl-y-gig for me and my wife (in our forties, we have come to the whole world of rave and dance events very late, having spent our earlier years in different subcultures, or just as slaves to the demands of parenthood). Well, it was glorious. I must admit, I did come with reservations, but every one of them was confounded.

Maria (aka “the Whirl-y-Fairy”)

“From what I was told, I simply HAD to go to Whirly after missing a previous few due to other engagements, i couldn’t put it off any longer.

People I went with had been before, and told me to an extent what it was like. But nothing prepared me for it…. The bizarre sight of seeing children outside and going into whirly. At 11pm in Kings Cross. Balloons and smiles in motion. It was amazing, and I was sober! Paid my money to get in. (I somehow already felt I had got my moneys worth) Walked through the doors and was blown away. Attack of the senses in a most extraordinary way. Sight of multicolours – drapes/glowsticks/happy shiny Whirly-goers. The sound of wonderful energetic music. Closing my eyes feeling the bass go through me, reverberating and bringing me to life.

Holy Moley…Whirly? – Paul, Birmingham

Twas New Year’s Eve…and nothing was stirring, save for a Monkey Pilot…and the rest of London.

Okay, well, i went with Will, June (Will’s fiancee), Jane (June’s twin sister), Hank (Jane’s husband), and Niel (Hank’s brother)- all those dudes live in a house together and we’ve only made friends since about November, when they were the only people to turn up to my housewarming party…Will liked my music, Hank liked my sofa, Niel likes everything =)

More than an Experience – Ailish

The music is thudding. Deep, lustrous beats entwined with melodic tinkles, like the noise fairies would make while tiptoeing on water droplets in the garden. And these fairies come to life this night. The reality is formed through tutus spinning, the material brushing against sparkling skin. The bare-midriffs; curves swaying in a bubble of electricity, created and reinforced by the music, the atmosphere lifting you away from the world. Everything is glistening. Everything is shining.

Not Only My First – Lucy

As the music played I felt that I was being enveloped, and my attention had to be directed to it. I became quite tearful, yet totally happy. The hairs on…

Loz Tonkyn

I’m studying the anti-psychiatry movement n learned a bit bout humanist psychology – I realised that whirly is run by people who are trained at making the experience of the…

My First Whirly – ISObell

I went to my first Whirly on my own. I have to say I was a little bit nervous. As I walked in through the double doors I was surprised to find myself in a warm dark almost womblike atmosphere! Instantly cosy and welcoming, with low ceilings and none of the loud music I was expecting.

Almost straight away people came over and said hello – some even hugged me! I was freaked out by this at first, but I soon got to like it. Its a close knit family of regulars at Whirl-y-Gig but they are all so welcoming to new people. There is a Café and there is also a bar at Whirly, but you don’t get those annoying drunk pests that you get at most nightspots.

Whirl-y-Virgins Dionne, Chez and Debbie – Oct 2012

We are three good friends who came to whirly, spanning 3 decades of ages. We are in our 30s 40s and 50s. The night was stumbled across byaccident and being the ages that we were, we thought our clubbing days were over! On entering the venue we were totally mesmerised by the instant fairy-tale Whirl-y-World that enveloped us! WOW! We weretotally confounded as to how in all our accumulated clubbing history that we had not had whirly in our lives before!!! Arriving as whirly virgins we were embraced into a family of whirlying people, amazing decor and Whirl-y-music and were made to feel instantly at home!